Welcome to the official blog of Troy Students for Life!


Founded by Courtney Brown in August 2014, Students for Life was created to educate students at Troy University on the issue of abortion and activate pro-life students on campus to do the same.

Joined by a stellar team, the group quickly flourished and won the 2015 New East Coast Group of the Year from Students for Life of America.

We have staged a large number of events such as The Planned Parenthood Project, a showing of the pro-life documentary “40”, the Cemetery of the Innocents display, the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, campus surveys, and sidewalk counseling with 40 Days for Life outside of Reproductive Health Services in Montgomery, Alabama (the nearest abortion clinic).

This is all in addition to weekly meetings and time the group has spent together outside of official events. Our growing group is regularly at 15-20 members and we are all a big family. It only looks to get bigger in the Fall of 2015, and we look forward to meeting our future leaders.

Our goal is to continue growing in an effort to stage more events, as well as make them bigger so that we can more effectively educate and raise awareness of the injustice of abortion. We continue to create relationships and opportunities for this mission to come to fruition.



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